Workshop Design Courses

Colour Cosmetica is committed to excellence in hair, make up, fashion, beauty, total look styling, photography, business and leadership, marketing and event management. Colour Cosmetica provides leading edge professional services through its boutique studio as well as nationally accredited qualifications through Colour Cosmetica Academy.

Colour Cosmetica Academy is the progressive and fashion forward education academy for future industry leaders in hair, make up and fashion. Colour Cosmetica Academy is here to help you grow your business and individual teams. Providing quality training to students and employer’s staff. Exclusive to Colour Cosmetica Academy are the La Moda (The Fashion) qualifications written and developed by Directors Angela Pastore and Rebecca Faraone.

The La Moda qualifications focus on building skills in fashion, hair and make up at both creative and commerce levels. Graduates will not only be skilled in creative design and application but will also be a strong business mind in the industry with business, marketing, management and event management skills. Colour Cosmetica’s La Moda (The Fashion) pathway has also received recognition to provide La Moda graduates with articulation into university bachelor degrees.

Colour Cosmetica has attracted a talented team that brings together the most important elements of fashion and imaging. This ensures that Colour Cosmetica caters for all style essentials with a high degree of professionalism. Based in the cosmopolitan East End of Adelaide, Colour Cosmetica has become one of the most talked about fashion, hair and make up academy nationally and internationally.

Award Winning in the excellence in Hairdressing education Colour Cosmetica Artistic Educational Team promises to make a difference to your business.