Graduate Fashion Week


Colour Cosmetica Academy is proud to say graduates from Colour Cosmetica Academy are professional, immaculate, mind-blowing, progressive and are ready to work successfully in industry.

Colour Cosmetica Academy’s Art Team and Educators applaud Colour Cosmetica Academy Graduates on their commitment, time, energy, talent and well earned craftsmanship.

Colour Cosmetica Academy Graduate Fashion and Event Week is designed and assembled to promote and recognise Colour Cosmetica Academy Graduates in Events, Fashion, Design and Style.

Showcasing learner work that Colour Cosmetica Academy graduates have completed throughout learner studies, it represents the future of creative design talent. Attracting many national guests from all divisions of the Fashion, Arts and Design Industry each March. Some learner events features 15 catwalk shows, large exhibition from past Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylists, Visual Merchandisers, Make Up Artists, Hair Designers, Prop Stylists, Costume Designers, Event Managers, Stylists, Art Directors and so much more with a Gala Award Show.

What’s Involved?

Colour Cosmetica Academy Graduate Events provides an exclusive platform for the promotion of new talent. Designed to bridge the gap between graduation and employment, Graduate Fashion and Events Week is responsible for launching the careers of some of Colour Cosmetica Academy’s most successful designers, event managers and stylists, make up artists, hair stylists, wig designers, hairdressers, photographers, prop and set designers, costume designers, stage and theatre managers, Art Directors of our future.

With many graduates populating, fashion houses, design studios, costume designing, art directing, freelancing in hair and make-up, buying offices, photographic studios and creative agencies all over Australia, Colour Cosmetica Academy Graduate Fashion and Events Week has introduced some of the industry’s brightest stars.

Colour Cosmetica Academy Graduate Fashion and Events Week is a charity event organisation and was founded by Colour Cosmetica Academy to help support and grow our young starts of tomorrow.

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