At Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics you will uncover the essential alter of the most respected, most advanced, best of the best global beauty products, reflecting on it as your global cosmetic courier.

Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics is a visionary beauty-retail concept studio, just launching our own brand Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics. Founded by, Rebecca Faraone and Angela Pastore Directors of Colour Cosmetica.

Perfectionists and Deviates in Colour. Both – extraordinarily perceptive with its functions, applications and its design.

Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics has very rapidly become Colour Cosmetica’s Advanced Academy’s and Industries, cutting-edge cult classic. It hits industry professionals and our salon clients with ageless palettes and intense powerful concentrates; it’s exquisite in texture and design alike with its artistry that is fearless in colour and witty in the hands of its applications.

Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics focuses on Unique Colour Portfolios and Exclusive Colour Products for The Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, Eyebrows, Face, and Body with Contouring, Foundations, Bronzing and all Highlighting products.

Our mission is to support you to look and feel amazing. To do that, we chase the world and bring it together under the one roof, the most extensive and distinctive selection of revolutionary brand names in colour, cosmetics, skincare, hair care, fragrance, and body care.

W miarę jak kasyna online zyskują na popularności, coraz więcej kobiet dołącza do grona graczy online. I podczas gdy ich umiejętności przy stole mogą zaimponować niektórym, to ich przyciągający wzrok makijaż naprawdę przyciąga uwagę. Niezależnie od tego, czy chodzi o jaskrawoczerwone usta, wyraziste eyelinery czy błyszczące cienie do powiek, kobiety grające w kasyno online szybkie wypłaty fascynują wszystkich wokół swoim makijażem. I nie chodzi tu tylko o dobry wygląd – wiele z tych kobiet uważa, że ich makijaż jest istotną częścią ich doświadczenia w grze. Dla niektórych makijaż jest po prostu sposobem na zwiększenie pewności siebie. Grając w środowisku zdominowanym przez mężczyzn, takim jak kasyno, kobiety mogą być onieśmielone, aby zaznaczyć swoją obecność. Ale dzięki odważnej szmince lub dramatycznemu kociemu spojrzeniu, czują się one silne i gotowe do podjęcia każdego wyzwania.

Pairing this with the knowledge and expertise of our resident Makeup Artists and Skincare Specialists, makes for first class advice across all categories.

Our salon offers an energy that creates a retail environment that focuses on flawless products and applications-trial, professional advice, and incomparable customer service.

At Colour Cosmetica we offer strength in Skincare Consultations, Makeup Lessons and Applications, group Master classes (including corporate) as well as a personalised Scent Styling Service to match you with your perfect scent.

We regularly host Makeup Artistry Events as well as in-store consultations with some of the most prominent skincare pioneers.

To build the most knowledgeable and professional team of product consultants in the beauty industry, Colour Cosmetica developed “an Artistic Team of Colour Cosmetica.” This program endorses that our team are experts in identifying colour, design, art, style, fashion, events, hair, cosmetics, beauty, skin types, having knowledge in skin physiology, the history of makeup, application techniques, the science of creating fragrances, and most importantly, how to interact with Colour Cosmetica’s diverse clientele.


Hair & Makeup Packages

Hair + makeup package for all events

Senior Artist$200
Creative Director$250


Bridal Design with Application

Senior Artist$100
Creative Director$120

Airbrush Design with Application

Senior Artist$120
Creative Director$150

Day and Night Design with Application

Senior Artist$85
Creative Director$120

Character Performing Arts Design with Application

Senior Artist$120
Creative Director$150

Television Design with Application

Senior Artist$110
Creative Director$130

Drag Design with Application

Senior Artist$130
Creative Director$150

Media Editorial Design with Application

Senior Artist$100
Creative Director$130

Body Art with Design and Application

Senior Artist$180
Creative Director$200

Eyelash Design and Application

Eyelash Design and Application Temporary

Strip Lashes$20

Eyelash Design and Application Semi Permanent

TRADITIONAL EXTENSIONS Mascara Look Lash Extensions creating lash length, volume and fullness to your eyes without the use of mascara.

Traditional Extensions Silk Full Set:$200
Traditional Extensions Silk Full Infills:2 WEEKS $50.00
3 WEEKS $75.00
4 WEEKS $100.00
5 WEEKS $125.00

Classic Extentions

Weightless, natural appearance, following natural eyelashes. Soft graceful curl, feathery appearance, pliable, silky & soft to touch.  Weightless when dry or wet and repels water for reducing twisting and tangles.

Classic Extensions Silk Full Set:$225
Classic Extensions Silk Infills:2 WEEKS $60.00
3 WEEKS $85.00
4 WEEKS $110.00
5 WEEKS $135.00

Bold and Chic Lash Extensions

Ideal for Individuals with sparse to full natural lash lines. Bolder, dramatic, solid colour & definition with a matte black finish.  Light weight and comfortable to wear when wet or dry.

Bold Extensions Silk Full Set:$250
Bold Extensions Silk Infills:2 WEEKS $75.00
3 WEEKS $100.00
4 WEEKS $125.00
5 WEEKS $150.00

HD Silk Lash Extentions

Our most prominent lash yet! Notice the amplifying volume & lash doubling. Creates voluminous lash look, curl definition, with a black gloss finish for high impact.  Fashions eyeliner impression and the look of a fuller natural lash line.

HD Extensions Silk Full Set:$275
HD Extensions Silk Infills:2 WEEKS $50.00
3 WEEKS $115.00
4 WEEKS $145.00
5 WEEKS $175.00

Russian Extension Silk Lashes

BOLD, CONFIDENT Russian Volume. Achieves a voluminous lash repetition, lashes are enlarged to protrude, amplify a bold and confident curl with a matte finish.  Supports, conceals gaps in sparse lash lines and provides a confident, bold & volume look without negotiating the health of your natural lashes.

Russian Volume Extensions Mink Full Set:$275
Russian Volume Extensions Mink Infills:2 WEEKS $50.00
3 WEEKS $115.00
4 WEEKS $145.00
5 WEEKS $175.00

Baby Doll Package

This Elite Package will keep you looking like a Doll all year long +.

6 Full Applications of your choice and 12 refills:$2,800.00


Feather | Hair Strock Eyebrow Tattoo

The Feather Hair Stroke Eyebrow Tattoo is the hottest hair-simulation technique for strikingly natural-looking eyebrows. Gentle, Slender individual hairs which simulate and represent real brow hairs are accurately created and composed together in the direction of your natural brow hair, creating an elegantly feathered effect. The result is exquisitely natural, fashion forward eyebrows that are totally accurate and correct to the whole face.

Powder | Shadow Steam Eyebrow Tattoo

For a more understated, soft pencil or powder shadow effect through the brows, the Shadow Steam Eyebrow Tattoo technique closely simulate and represent the appearance of more conservative brow makeup. This powder eyebrow tattoo technique is chiefly admired with both our blonde who wish to achieve elegantly and stylishly arched and beautifully coloured, yet softly defined brows without the use of individual hair strokes – traditionally elegance.

Powder | Hair Stroke Combination Eyebrow Tattoo

For a complete amplified, Fashion Savvy distinct, well-defined definite eyebrow, the above two eyebrow tattoo techniques are collectively combined for a skilfully spectacularly textured, defined look.

COLOUR COSMETICA Eyebrow Tattoo Colours

We have an all-encompassing portfolio of exquisite brow colours. Ash blondes through ash and golden browns to the chestnuts, auburns and darker shades, your hair and skin tone will be straightforwardly complemented to treasure the impeccable brow shade for you.


Lash Line Enhancement

For a delicate, ‘hardly there’ expression and appearance, a Cosmetic Tattoo Lash Line Enhancement will sophisticatedly and  tastefully define, open and frame your eyes. Miniature dots of colour are established between the lashes creating fuller, plumper thicker, desirable looking lashes. A Cosmetic Tattoo Lash Line Enhancement rejuvenates the eye area without the obvious effect of makeup, for a fabulously natural, fuller-lash appearance.

Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement

For a more distinct amplified eyeliner, an Eyeliner Tattoo will heighten the colour, size and shape of your eyes. Colouring is directed through the lashes as in the Lash Line Enhancement, and an Eyeliner Tattoo line of your preferred and favoured influence, width | depth, is exquisitely drawn adjacent to the lash line.

Thick Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement

For a High Fashion bold editorial, confident more vivid effect you may fancy impressive thick Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement. Colouring is established through the lashes as in the Lash Line Enhancement, and a more intense dramatic, thick Eyeliner Tattoo line is fashioned and formed, finished with a wedge-shaped or winged tail. Alternatively consider a racy seductive Smokey Eye Liner, which also may be finished with a winged tail.


Natural Lip Contour

Re-define and boost your lip contours with a delicately innate lined lip tattoo. Alternatively you may choose a bolder, more distinct line for a lip-liner result.

Bloom Blush Contour

For that fresh, juicy youthful look, a delicately gentle bloom of gossamer colour will fashion to your natural lips creating more fullness. This fashion forward style of lip tattoo is an excellent choice for the natural who wants a mysterious enhancement of natural lip colour, whilst fashioning lip-fullness.

Full Chic Lip Tint

A full lip colour can be coated across the complete lip area, boosting and  perfecting your lips, correcting irregularities, designing well-formed, striking and plumper lips. This fashion forward lip tattoo procedure can also intently replicate the fashion of a full lipstick application for the more chic.

Colour Cosmetica Studio specialise in all professional Cosmetic and Beauty equipment:

  • Professional Colour Cosmetica Makeup Brush Kits
  • Professional Makeup Kits / Bags / CasesProfessional Special Effects, Drag Editorial and Television Cosmetics and Equipment available
  • Professional Special Effects, Drag Editorial and Television Cosmetics and Equipment available

Colour Cosmetica Studio Specialise in all personal Workshops to aid you in looking and feeling breath-taking. For professional purposes or personal.

*All prices listed are ex GST.

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