Hairdressing Courses


Certificate II in Salon Assistant is an introduction to the full qualification of hairdressing. It is designed for direction into the hairdressing industry.

Covering all essential elements for salon business, professional industry skills in communicating as part of a salon team, conducting salon financial transactions, greeting and prepare clients for salon services, contributing to health and safety of self and others, complying with organisational requirements within a professional salon environment, how to maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas, building professional relationships, networking, building a clientele, how to work with client’s needs, hair care, hair theory, professional draping shampooing and scalp massage, blow-dry, long hair braiding, classic creative power drying, classic hair colour and removal, rinsing and neutralising chemically restructured hair.  Learners participate in practical and theory work sessions.

If you want to commence a career in hairdressing and would like to progress through the qualification in stages, SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistant is for you.

Hairdressing Salon Assistant

DURATION: 1 year (32 weeks)


A qualification in hairdressing holds guaranteed and unlimited prospects for you, the professional hairdresser; a member of the ever changing, always fascinating fashion and beauty industry. New techniques, new products and new opportunities appear every day. The numbers of people who require and visit hairdressing salons, the amount of money spent on hair and beauty services are constantly increasing. If you are innovative and ambitious, there is no limit to your potential in a career in hairdressing. No other industry has such a demand for qualified, creative, well trained graduates. This qualification in hairdressing offers such bright opportunities for an individual to start a personal business and work towards financial independence. Another reward is the professional satisfaction that you gain with each client. Your artistic license and training gives you the potential of changing someone’s life by making them look good and feel amazing, possibly for the first time.

Successful applicants will qualify with a Nationally Accredited Certificate III in Hairdressing. Whether you decide to study hairdressing via the apprenticeship system or work through full time studies, Colour Cosmetica Academy is there to guide you on your path. With a strategy of combining experience and studies, Colour Cosmetica Academy can provide the best pathway to becoming a fully qualified and recognised hairdresser.

You will learn all relevant, up to the minute hairdressing savvy industry information and contacts, how to participate in environmentally sustainable work practices, applying industry safe hygiene, health and work practices, maintaining and organising tools, equipment and work areas, communication techniques to work as part of a professional hairdressing salon team, how to comply with organisational requirements within a hairdressing environment, front desk reception duties, recommending professional products and services, how to conduct salon financial transactions, fundamental hairdressing business skills, developing and expanding a loyal client base, your professional image and skills and techniques in marketing yourself to success.

You will also learn the professional approach and techniques in providing shampoo and basin services, sills in identifying and treating hair and scalp conditions and providing head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation.

In the technical division you will learn fundamental industry savvy quality education and applications in all technical skills covering; colouring and lighting hair, how to provide full and partial head highlighting treatments, Ombre techniques, freehand technical techniques, the ability and skills to neutralise unwanted colours and tones, providing on scalp full head and retouch bleach treatments, straightening and relaxing hair with chemical treatments, curling and creating volume to hair with chemical treatments.

In the cutting and styling division you will learn how to create classic precision cutting, focusing on skills in; designing haircut structures, precision cutting techniques covering; one length and solid haircut structures, graduated haircut structures, layered haircut structures, combined haircut structures, precise techniques and skills in cutting hair using scissor over-comb techniques, combined traditional and precise classic men’s haircut structures and how to create finished hair designs using up to beat industry tools and techniques.

In the longhair classic and editorial styling division you will learn; initiative techniques and skills in a whole range of classic long hair up-styles, classic and intermediate editorial longhair styling, focusing on both thermal and wet styling, how to plan hair services and designs for special events, classic and editorial braid techniques and how to participate in session styling editorial teams

Qualified Hairdresser

DURATION: 1.5 years (50 weeks)


The comeback of the barber shop means there is a need for specialist barbering skills, particularly as fashions for men are conquered by the famous fade and retro drum beat with precisely groomed facial hair.

Certificate III in Barbering is a comprehensive qualification that concentrates on the art of precision men’s cutting: you will learn how to design men’s precision based men’s haircut structures, the skills and techniques used in accurate classic men’s precision cutting, covering; men’s one length and solid haircut structures, men’s graduated haircut structures, men’s layered haircut structures, with the art of cutting men’s hair using scissor over-comb techniques, working with combined classic men’s haircut structures and further developing how to combine traditional and classic haircut structures. Detailed cutting using freehand clipper techniques and creating haircuts using tracks and carving is also cultivated. Cut designs will cover everything from fades, designs, shape ups, Caesars, flat tops, classical cuts, mode scissor over comb techniques and much more.

In the men’s grooming division will cover techniques in providing men’s general and luxury grooming services, designing and maintaining beards and moustaches, precise head and face shaves, providing luxury shampoo and basin services, identifying and treating hair and scalp conditions, providing magnificence head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation and drying and styling men’s hair to shape.

In the men’s business division you will learn how to participate in environmentally sustainable work practices, maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas, the importance of complying with organisational requirements within a barbering and hairdressing environment, communicating as part of a barbering and hairdressing salon team, industries importance of applying safe hygiene, health and work practices, the savvy business of barbering, up to the minute barbering industry information and contacts, the importance of developing and expanding a client base, front desk and customer service, the value and meaning of recommending products and services, conducting salon financial transactions, how to provide great barbering salon services to clients, your professional image and professional self-marketing techniques.

For those who wish to add a point of difference to the barber room the technical division covers all the innovative men’s technical services and techniques; the fundamentals of men’s classic colouring and lightening of hair, providing full and partial men’s highlighting treatments, on scalp full head and retouch bleach treatments and how to neutralise unwanted colours and tones.

Qualified Barber

DURATION: 1.5 years (50 weeks)


The Certificate IV in Hairdressing reflects the role of a highly skilled senior hairdresser who develops complex technical skills and knowledge working as part of or coordinating a salon team. It includes outcomes for the senior hairdresser to technically advise, work and educate for hairdressing products companies; or independently as a freelance session stylist.

Functions at this level include the self-directed application of a broad range of knowledge and skills and the provision of technical leadership, training and support to colleagues.

A hairdresser at this level may provide specialist services, including creative haircutting, inspirational hair design, imaginative hair colouring, complex colour correction, hair extensions, chemical reformation, and trichology and innovative make-up application.

Senior Hairdresser

DURATION: 1 year (32 weeks)

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The Diploma of Salon Management reflects the role of individuals who are competent in managing the overall operation of a business involved in services and sales delivery in personal services environments, including, hairdressing beauty salons and spas. A salon manager at this level may focus on building the business, creating and establishing a personal services culture, leading and developing a team, developing and implementing marketing activities, and ensuring all occupational health and safety requirements are maintained.

This qualification is designed to reflect the role of managers or owner/managers who work relatively autonomously coordinate and supervise others. It involves the self-directed application of knowledge and skills, and the provision of leadership and support to colleagues through the development and management of service delivery and sales delivery concurrent with ongoing human resource developments.

Hairdressing and/or Beauty Salon and Spa Manager

DURATION: 1 year (32 weeks)


The Graduate Certificate in Hairdressing Creative Leadership reflects the role of individuals who have specialised knowledge and skills in determining and leading the future, in hair design directions.

The job roles include creative or artistic directors who style hair for marketing and sales, advertising, actors and extras on set, for films, commercials, pop promos and fashion media production, researching period and sassy hair styles, working with wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, overseeing hair continuity during shoots, running the hairdressing department for media, screen and production, designing and creating up to the minute hair designs and styling performers’ hair overseeing all continuity. Graduates may also work for hairdressing product companies increasing sales and knowledge through innovative education techniques.

Individuals in these job roles have technical and creative skills and the passionate and tangible experience in training and supporting colleagues and industry at a national or international level.

In this role, these individuals make complex, high level, independent judgements in analysing and interpreting a creative brief, designing and evaluating innovative hair design concepts, and planning resources to realise marketable concepts.

Creative Director
Artistic Director
Specialist Session Stylist

DURATION: 1 year (32 weeks)