Artistic and Educational Team


The inspiration and driving force behind Colour Cosmetica Academy are the companies Directors, Angela Pastore and Rebecca Faraone.

Both Directors are creative and academic artists that bring quality to the industry, imagination, innovation with outstanding knowledge, skills and charisma. Their global experience, savvy education, aptitude, expertise, spontaneity, flair and passion for Education is the foundation of Colour Cometica Academy’s success.


ange_thumbAngela Pastore has a well-earned reputation as one of Australia’s leading and Award Winning freelance educators and session Artists in Hair, Make-up, Fashion, Fashion Styling, Event Management, Photography, Props and Set Design, Business and Event Management. Her eclectic artistic mind and highly accentuated and unrivalled standards puts her at the forefront as an industry professional. It’s not surprising that Angela’s professional history reads as the who’s who of the fashion industry, working with brands including Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Versace Clothing, Saba Clothing and Richard Tylor Designs. Her exceptional skills and expertise has been recognised by top worldwide fashion models and celebrities including Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christenson.


rebecca_thumbAs a Director of Colour Cosmetica Academy, Rebecca Faraone’s business acumen coupled with her enormous artistic flair provides leadership and direction to her team.Rebecca is a highly skilled and experienced educator, qualified beauty Therapist, Make up Artist and Technician who produces flawless aesthetic work. Her passion for beauty, high end fashion, vibrant colours and simple elements is evident in her extensive portfolio in fashion, photography and event management. This portfolio was largely commissioned by major international cosmetic labels including Atelier, Versace, Diego Della Palma, Tigi, Sebastian and MAC. To complement her creative eye, Rebecca possesses qualifications in business management, finance, sales, marketing, event management and styling.


Directors Angela Pastore and Rebecca Faraone are supported by a highly diverse and skilled team with a wealth of knowledge and a passionate driving force. This talented team brings together individuals with edgy conceptual designs and a hunger for driving the most important elements of fashion, event management, styling, photography and a worldly feel to Colour Cosmetica. Vibrancy is a must with such talent who are encouraged to expand the mind and create outside any boundaries.

Angela and Rebecca have gained superior knowledge and skills both nationally and internationally and continue to evolve and develop themselves within the Arts industry as both innovative and original with all their projects.

Collectively, the Colour Cosmetica team’s efforts have been widely recognised with accolades including Winner of National Hairdressing Technician of the Year, National Apprentice/Trainee of the Year, National Photographic Collection of the Year and Winner of National Excellence in Hairdressing Education.

Since making its mark in Adelaide in late 2000, Colour Cosmetica Studio and Academy has been on a continual path of growth and success, not only delivering quality education, but having the vision to draw on a palette of like minded people with global unique cutting – edge skills, knowledge, and dreams.

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