Makeup Courses


Assistant Make-Up Artists work with the main makeup artists to create the look the director demands, if you’re an assistant makeup artist, your work covers a range of possibilities, from the basic to the complex. As the assistant, you go along for the ride, working right beside the main artist. Each day, you set up mid break down the workstation. This includes setting out brushes, refilling supplies, cleaning tools, and in general, making sure things are hygienic and ready to go, you also work in cosmetic counters. Certificate II in retail cosmetics will also examine the beauty and makeup professional, what it takes to be successful in the industry, what is expected of you when working in industry, client and work team communication, legal requirements, improving personal efficiency, health and hygiene, health and safety in the workplace, complying with organisational requirements within a makeup aid beauty environment, organising personal work requirements, assessing client requirements aid expectations, developing a makeup plans, advising and recommending beauty products and services, producing innovative makeup and beauty visual merchandise displays, retailing to the customer, front desk operations, the receptionist, security and theft, conducting financial transactions, promotional activities and the beauty business.

Further studies in makeup will then incorporate the evolution of makeup, tools of trade, colour theory, client consultations, creating the canvas, facial features, every day and special events makeup techniques and applications. Specialising in concealers, foundations, contouring and highlighting, blushers, face and body powders, the eyes, the eyelashes, the lips, different makeup settings and treatments, finishing your makeup application treatment, planning and promoting yourself and different makeup activities.

During any type of production, you help with touch-ups between takes. You deliver supplies, keep models, actors, media representatives and clients comfortable and move makeup to where it needs to be. Depending on the size of the production, you might even be able to help with the application of make-up, like doing small areas of body paint application, putting on foundation or even doing the makeup of extras.

This is a job that calls for excellent makeup skills, with equal flair for providing outstanding customer service, the ability to work towards and achieve retail sales targets, be able to produce dynamic visual merchandise displays, use social media tools for collaboration and fashion makeup engagement, communicate with professionalism and style, thrive on team work and collaboration, be goal orientated, motivated to achieve results and be flexible in line with business needs.

Assistant Make-Up Artist
Cosmetics Retail Consultant

DURATION: 1 semester (16 weeks)


Certificate III in Make-Up with a Beauty Therapist pathway exhibits the role for individuals to be employed as innovative makeup artists, to design and apply makeup for a range of industry divisions and occasions across the beauty, fashion, media and entertainment industries with attached beauty skills and qualifications.

Certificate III in makeup with a beauty therapist pathway covers a range of well-developed innovative makeup and beauty skills, where responsibility and judgement is required. Successful graduates will be responsible for their own productivities, obtaining skills to work cooperatively with industry colleagues including photographers, fashion stylists, beauty therapists and media production teams.

The beauty division involves beauty and makeup consultations, beauty and makeup client assessments and advice, application techniques for classic and high fashion eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping and design, hair removal, lash and brow tinting and lightening, classic body hair removal, professional airbrush body tanning, anatomy and physiology, contra-indications, contra-actions, preparation procedures when preforming beauty and makeup treatments, sterilization, disinfection, health and safety, nutrition, cosmetic chemistry, aftercare advice, the beauty professional, reception skills, promotional activities and the beauty business.

The makeup division houses techniques, designs and applications for the classic bride, day and evening, fashion editorials, photographic, catwalk, the high chic, airbrush and creative makeup platforms. Additionally, covering detailed skills required when papering the skin prior to makeup applications, the professional way to concealing, selecting and applying foundation, colour principles and knowledge, the importance of understanding and working with colour levels and reflects, the art of contouring and flawless face powder practices. Corrective skills and techniques for contouring, cheek designs, lip designs, eye designs, lash and eyebrow designs are a focus for SHB30215 Certificate III in Make-Up at Colour Cosmetica Academy.

Fruitful individuals will have the skills and knowledge to work as part of a team or on a freelance basis, in settings such as makeup studios, retail cosmetic counters, beauty salons, spas, fashion and media sets, photography studios, show production works for fashion shows and events.

Professional Make-Up Artist
Beauty Therapist

DURATION: 1 year (32 weeks)


The Certificate III in Make-Up (Hair & Fashion Styling) exhibits the role for individuals employed as makeup artists to also preform introductory fashion and hairstyling skills. Aimed to design and apply makeup, hair and fashion styling skills for a range of purposes and occasions across the beauty, Fashion, media, and entertainment industries.

Successful graduates will be responsible for their own productivities, obtaining capacities to work cooperatively with a range of industry associates including; makeup artists. Photographers, fashion stylists. Hair stylists, and media production staff.

Within the Certificate III in Make-Up (Hair & Fashion Styling) you will learn the evolution of makeup, understanding a makeup image. The makeup evolutionary timeline, Infection control, principles and practices, facial anatomy and physiology. The skin, tools of trade. Colour theory and practices, Client consultations. The consultation form and process, evaluating your clients features and characteristics, the importance of making a good first impression, business skills for you as the makeup artist, Your professional image, Creating your professional portfolio, your professional attitude, enhancing your professional image with continuing education, your earning potential as a professional makeup artist, career options, getting the jobs as a makeup professional, making a name for yourself, marketing and getting started.

In the makeup division you will discover facial shapes, client consultations, Making a good first impression, the consultation process. Evaluating your clients features and characteristics. The importance of documentation, creating a canvas, preparing the skin, concealers; types and application techniques, foundations; types and application techniques, highlighting and contouring, face and body powders; types and application techniques. Blush; types and application techniques, eye shapes. Eye colours, eye products, eyeliner, mascara. Colour selection, eyebrows: the ideal eyebrow shapes. Creating brows for unique features. Brow shaping techniques, eyebrow products. Eyelashes; products for eyelashes and their application techniques, lips; lip shades. Up products and creating lip shapes.

Other techniques and applications you will learn are: everyday makeup, specialty makeup, special events, the exciting world of high fashion and high definition, the faces of fashion; timeless looks and seasonal trends, behind the beauty backstage, creative direction and collaboration, creating the look for show time, fashion photography, airbrush makeup; techniques and equipment, all about lashes, makeup for men, makeup for teens, makeup for aging skin, camouflage and corrective makeup techniques, creative avant-garde makeup and fantasy makeup, all with high end industry knowledge in preparing your makeup work area, pre-and post-service procedures, scheduling your next appointments, thanking your client and end of day procedures.

In the fashion division you will learn what is fashion styling? All about the careers available as a fashion stylist, aspects of the job, challenging perceptions, how to fashion research, how to source, Fashion awareness, Style icons, street style, fashion vocabulary, fashion communication and culture, fashion referencing. Fashion magazines, editorial styling, commercial styling, still- Life styling, personal styling, celebrity styling, working with a team, inspiration and development, casting the model, working on locations, sourcing clothes, prop and set design, the photoshoot production, production planning, the final brief and testing, the day of a shoot, styling for the internet, online blogs and magazines, catwalk shows, events and fashion film.

In the hair styling division, you will learn classic, creative longhair and braiding designs and techniques for weddings, engagements, editorial fashion shoots, fashion shows, school formals. Formal dinners. Balls and fancy-dress parties, focusing on assessing style suitability, the principles of design, tools and equipment, hair ornamentation and building a base structure. You will learn classic up styles from barrel curls, loops, French rolls, contour and victory rolls, braiding techniques from the box-single braid, dutch braid, French braid,  cornrows, waterfall braids, weaved multiple-strand braids, fishtail braids, halo braids, twists, rope braids, knotting and weaving.

Professional Make-Up Artist
Beauty Therapist

DURATION: 1 year (32 weeks)


Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Specialist Make-Up Services) artistically exhibits the role of individuals who use basic skills and a broad knowledge in a wide variety of resourceful contexts in hair and make-up design accessible to fashion, screen, media and entertainment industries. Students apply inspired solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources. They may provide leadership and guidance to others with some limited responsibility for the output of others.

Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Specialist Make-Up Services) is for individuals who provide innovative, cutting-edge make-up and hair services for fashion, screen, media and entertainment industries.

Graduates at this level will have the proficiencies to create make-ups and hairstyles to meet production requirements, overseeing make-up and hair continuity during production. Throughout lectures, students will advance in creating make-ups and hairstyles to assemble and meet production requirements, overseeing make-up and hair continuity during production, working to the make-up and hair designer’s brief and removing products as required.

Additionally, designing and developing up-to-the-minute artistic make-up and hair designs that are key elements in the overall design of screen and media productions, students will obtain skills in creating designs for characters in relation to social class, and time periods, and any other progressive elements required to create the desired illusion for fashion, screen and media.

Make-Up and Hair Artist

DURATION: 1.5 years (50 weeks)


Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-Up Services) reflects the role of imaginative individuals who possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of artistic, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate the work of self-and/or team in the film, television, radio and interactive media industries.

Graduates from the Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-Up Services) will have skills in designing, making and maintaining specialist prosthetic make up, whist working with directors, make-up designers, hair designers, production designers and actors on feature films, television, commercials, pop promos, corporate productions and fashion media.

Students will foster skills in how to translate abstract inspired design ideas into practical applications, developing a creative and imaginative flair and good craft skills, combined with a strong sense of colour and design, resourceful understandings of anatomy, and artistic talent for sculpting. Furthermore, successful graduates will be experienced in mould making, casting, part casting, and removal procedures, understandings on how to join body sections together, have knowledge of industry standard materials such as foam, latex and silicone, be proficient in techniques such as face and body ageing using prosthetics, and creating bald caps, false noses, wounds, scars, skin diseases and tattoos with emerging vibrant innovative make-up application skills and active understanding and experience of wigs and inspired hair designs and practices.

Make-Up and Hair Stylist and Designer
Special Effects Make-Up Artist and Designer

DURATION: 2 years (64 weeks)