Professional Vocational Placement

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Colour Cosmetica Academy offers to the learner entering into a qualification or short course the opportunity to participate in a curriculum that encompasses structured quantifiable and measurable workplace learning, a mandatory part of all learner qualifications.

A learner’s professional work-based learning centres on connecting learner knowledge and skills with job ready situations in the workplace. It necessitates a learners with the opportunity to put theory into practice and make the learner more work ready.


Under these arrangements learners can gain the skills they need to transition successfully from study to work, while giving industry the opportunity to enrich learner learning experiences and increase the number of work-ready graduates.

Vocational Professional Placements that meet the definition under the Fair Work Act 2009 [the FW Act] are lawfully unpaid.

Learners completing Vocational Professional Placements are not considered to be employees and therefore are not entitled to the minimum wage nor other entitlements provided under the FW Act.


Vocational Professional Placement is any organised, measureable and quantifiable workplace learning that coaches and prepares a learner for the workforce and is linked to specialised and particular units of competency within the learner curriculum of study.

Practice, involvement and knowledge in the workplace will:

 Improve and assist learners to connect knowledge and skills with jobs;

 Assist and benefit learners to enhance and advance theory they have studied, by positioning it into practice

 Provide learners practical hands-on experience in the workplace, that is proactive energetic and direct and

 Be a quantifiable, measureable and significant part of a learner’s course.

Learners are given the opportunity to undertake practical tasks to demonstrate skills related to learner curriculum under the supervision of a workplace supervisor.

All learners are informed, instructed and prepared on learner role and responsibilities by Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator may be a Learner Lecturer, a Course Co-ordinator or an Administrative Officer with general responsibilities for Vocational Professional Placement, or a chosen and defined Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator, within learner subject of study.


Under the FW Act, a vocational professional placement is lawfully unpaid if it meets all the following criteria:

 The placement must be done as a requirement of an education or training course. The placement must be a required component of the course as a whole, or of an individual subject or module of the course. It doesn’t matter whether that subject is compulsory or an elective chosen by the learner.

 The placement must be one that is approved. The institution delivering the course which provides for the placement must be authorised under an Australian, state or territory law or an administrative arrangement of the Commonwealth or a state or territory to do so.

Courses offered at universities colleges and schools [whether public or private] will all satisfy this requirement, as will bodies authorised to offer training courses under state or territory legislation.

 When all of the above criteria are satisfied, hosts are not required to pay learner entitlements under the FW Act. However, a host may elect to provide payment[s] at their discretion and under no obligation.

 If the placement doesn’t meet all of the above criteria, it won’t be a Vocational Professional Placement under the FW Act. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that the person is an employee and entitled to payment. The next step is to determine whether or not the person is in an employment relationship.


While the FW Act does not provide entitlements to learners doing vocational professional placements, there may still be obligations in other legislation, such as those about work health and safety or discrimination that apply to them.


A Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator will converse with learners just how a placement opportunity is introduced and commenced.

This may be engaged on the learner’s behalf or the learner may be obligatory to commence connection and communication with a potential Professional Placement Provider where the learner is obligatory to commence and originate contact with a potential Professional Placement Provider, learners must be mindful to inform the potential Professional Placement Provider that the placement cannot commence until it is authorised and finalised i.e. the Vocational Professional Placement Agreement has been appropriately signed by Colour Cosmetica Academy] by learner Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator.

The Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator will confirm and certify the workplace is appropriate for the placement e.g. work health and safety compliant, able to provide the practical training required and consult and approve to placement arrangements that suit both learner needs and those of the Placement Provider.

The Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator will also communicate and explain the professional practical activities and specialised individual tasks learners are to complete by the Professional Placement Provider and or a workplace supervisor if the Professional Placement Provider has scheduled and selected one to supervise the learner.

Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator will communicate with the Professional Placement Provider about the placement requirements, this will clarify how learners are to be assessed and any special conditions required of learners by the Professional Placement Provider, before a learner professional placement can be formalised through Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Agreement and commence e.g.:

 Registered Organisation Name and Professional Contact Details

 Attendance obligations dates and start, finish times and duration of the placement;

 Specific safety requirements

 Particular Professional Image e.g.: Clothing, Make up, Hair

 Any required skills the vocational professional placement provider requires learner to have as a minimum;

 Outcomes and benefits of professional work placement

 Any Criminal History, Screening Check Police Check requirements;

 Any immunisations or medical|health checks that are required; and|or

 Any pre-research and pre-reading requirements the learner must complete before the professional placement commences e.g. relevant workplace policies or procedures.

During professional placement, the Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator and or another Colour Cosmetica Academy team member whom learners have been guided and instructed from will assist the learner during the professional placement, will also:

 Support and assist learner and the Professional Placement Provider workplace supervisor;

 Represent as a contact and advocate between the learner and the Professional Placement Provider;

 Assess learner performance while on Professional Placement and grade learners appropriately; and

 Answer any questions learners may have.

The Professional Placement Provider possibly will also wish to interview learners prior to the placement commencing to guarantee and be assured that the leaner will fit in with the Professional Placement Provider’s workplace.

 Learners will then commence a professional placement in agreement with the Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Agreement in direction to undertake the agreed activities|tasks to practice the skills learners will sequentially be assessed on.

These skills will routinely not be any dissimilar to those undertaken by employees in the workplace.


Learner involvement and commitment in a Vocational Professional Placement and execution and accomplishment is compulsory part of learner training, awarding learner’s opportunity to:

 Acquire, grow, develop and apply knowledge and skills relevant to the workplace;

 Attain skills that are recognised by the professional industry;

 Accomplish skills that will assist learners in seeking employment;

 Advance knowledge of employers’ and industry expectations; and

 Build contacts with potential employers;

 To obtain recognition of prior learning for further training programs; and

 To support and boost applications for professional employment


 Learners are to attend the Vocational Professional Placement at the times specified on the Vocational Professional Placement Agreement, unless otherwise varied;

Colour Cosmetica Academy suggested that learners arrive to placement up to 15 minutes before the programmed start time to ensure learner starts on time and is organised;

 Learners are to take only the assigned time for meal breaks and resume punctually to learner work;

 Learners to guarantee no commencement of any personal activities including using mobile phones or other communication technology for personal purposes during professional work placement;

 Learners to communicate to the Professional Placement Provider Workplace Supervisor and learner Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator promptly if learner is unable to attend or arrive for the scheduled placement commencement learner will be obligated to submit documented evidence such as a medical certificate to validate and authenticate more than one day’s absence;

 Learners are to report and explain for any absences to learner workplace supervisor and the Colour Cosmetica Academy Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator as learners may be obligated to complete the absent hours at another time.

 All qualifications mandate the number of Vocational Professional Placement hours which must be undertaken. Irrespective of why the learner did not attended Vocational Professional Placement, learners will need to make up ANY outstanding hours and finalise the learning experiences the learner skipped, this may necessitate your Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator arranging for a variation to your Vocational Professional Placement Agreement.

Learners are to be aware that failure to accomplish the number of hours required, will impact on academic development for the course and can result in additional financial costs to the learner [ see incidental fees – Application of Enrolment Procedure and Fee Schedule]

 Learners are to demonstrate and display passion, enthusiasm, zest and initiative;

 Learners are to undertake, agree and complete all duties assigned;

 Learners must be willing to learn;

 Learners must act respectfully, politely, considerately at all times;

 Learners must listen, concentrate and focus to instructions and ask professional workplace questions;

 Learners must value and appreciate the time and energy professional teams commit and obligate to learner learning and be aware of the professional planning involved towards learner professional on the job placement and programs;

 Learners are to acknowledge and act on professional instruction and guidance given;

 Learners are to request for extra duties when learner has completed allocated tasks;

 Learners are to be respectful, mannerly, polished, considerate and refined at all times;

 Learners are to exhibit safe practice by acknowledging and obeying by the policies and procedures of the placement provider;

 Learners must not avert other employees unnecessarily

 Learners are to dress up to date, current and present a look that is cutting-edge correctly to professional industry standards;

 Learners are to sustain and maintain Vocational Professional Placement Logbook or any other document that learner Vocational Professional Placement Co-ordinator requests learner to maintain during placement.

NOTE: Some industry divisions, such as fashion show production, photographic shoots, event management, theatre and stage management, prop design, event, hair and make-up styling will require learners to attend Vocational Professional Placement as per the shift roster e.g. at night; weekends and during holiday periods.

Colour Cosmetica Academy including learner behalf and the Placement Provider may cancel terminate a Vocational Professional Placement Agreement at any time by written notice due to inappropriate attitudes and behaviours.

Any inappropriate learner behaviour shall be managed under the relevant behavioural misconduct provisions of Colour Cosmetica Academy learner Conduct and Disciplinary Policy.

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