Wedding & Bridal


Colour Cosmetica Studio Event Stylists and Managers create and manage creative, distinctive and unique weddings. Our team are artists that style and designs reflections and personalities of the bridal couple. Creating spaces that are immaculate and cohesive. We assist you in your venue selection and co ordinate to ensure that all your wedding elements work well together, creating a space that feels fresh and alive. Colour Cosmetica’s Artistic Team can design a vision for you, with thoughtful details, working with colour palettes to guide you into selecting a theme that touches the hearts of your guests, leaving memories that last a life time. Colour Cosmetica Events will source aesthetic vendors and objects, props, design in accordance to your budget, design your room layout, style your event with set-up and placement of decor and event manage.

We are event designers and stylists, who take pride in knowing that your wedding will have the look and feel you envisioned with details and a set-up that will exceed your expectations, leaving your guests feeling breathless.


Colour Cosmetica’s Studio Professional Art Team will style and dress you and your bridal party, with sophistication and a unique style, keeping your personality and sort after theme in mind. We are the art in design and style, coordinating accessories, jewellery and shoes; to set a fashion statement and scene that is one to die for. Our stylists will advise you on what fashion shapes and colours work best with your individual style and body shape. We make sure that the moment you walk in the room, you take everyone’s breath away. We source anything and everything with quality and class. Colour Cosmetica’s Style and Design team know how to recognise distinctive stamps of craftsmanship, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics.

Our Professional cutting edge bridal style team provide a design, construction, image and appearance service to all parties, if it be the Mother of the Bride, the Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, the Groom and Groomsmen and all other family and friends.

We also take centre stage in the Bride’s appearance for her unique day; we are the excellence of Design in: Hair, Make up, Beauty, Fashion and Headpiece Creation.



Colour Cosmetica uses its creativity in every aspect of its work; so bridal and event flowers are no exception. We specialise in creating beautiful bouquets, floral arrangements for your venue, and stunning flowers for your bridal service. Everything we create is individually designed for you, which is why we source only the freshest and most seasonal flowers from the flower market. From consultation through to set-up on the day, Colour Cosmetica will be with you to guide you and ensure your vision is brought to life with exquisite detail and creative designs.



Your wedding is your red-carpet moment. We are the Award Winning Style Art Team. The runway is our home. Colour Cosmetica’s Professional Studio Hair Art Team create everything from the eccentric Waterwaves, the High End Top knot to the loose and free designs of Hair Art.
Once your headpiece is designed, our experienced Bridal Stylist will consult with you and design a hairstyle that is unique and captivating that is specially for you. We create and design a style that will make you feel complete, uplifted and magnetic. We always design according to your face and body shape with your theme and design at the forefront of the fashion world.

Every Bride at Colour Cosmetica Studio receives a complimentary Pre-Bridal consultation.

The Bridal Party & Mother of the Bride
The secret to beauty and an alluring wedding party lies in having catwalk, picture perfect hair. Our Bridal Art Team will capture the unique essence of your bridal party and create the most irresistible individual styles, for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and of course, Mother of the Bride. Whether your after a soft, natural and free design, or a stylised high fashion design, our team of artists will create a scent of elegance and grace, designing a wedding party that belongs in the fashion pages.


Headpieces are an intricate part of your Total Look. Colour Cosmetica’s Design and Style Team are the Artists of the most irresistible headwear. We design everything from, the limited individual couture Alice bands and the most fashion runway and aisle worthy headwear .Suitable for every hairstyle (tied up, left down, relaxed or highly stylised), get the look with constructed real flowers and leaves that have been dipped into metals, our beautifully handcrafted, delicate looking art pieces top your throne.

Colour Cosmetica Studio offers you a complimentary Headpiece Consultation; this is an important element of our bridal style service. After the research and design is complete and the photographing, measuring is done, a headpiece is designed to complement your facial features, gown, skin tone, and desired hairstyle. Our bridal team considers not just the look of the gown, but the balance and bone structure of your face when creating your dream headpiece.


On your wedding day Colour Cosmetica’s Studio Artistic Team creates, the élite Bride. Our Bridal Art Team are the artists in Photography, Catwalk and Design Make up applications, trends and colour portfolios. We design and create soft natural faces, with just the right glow, to counter even the most demanding camera lens. We translate the everyday you into the bride of beauty.

Colour Cosmetica’s Bridal Art Team begins with a colour analysis; our expert Make up Artists will advise you on colour choices and application techniques best suited for your face shape, eye colour, lip shape and skin tone. You will receive a full step by step design map of what to expect
on your special day, so that you have peace of mind.

Every Bride at Colour Cosmetica Studio receives a complimentary Pre-Bridal consultation.

Bridal Party & Mother of the Bride
Our Make-up Artists are trained in make-up techniques for sophisticated, mature women as well as the high fashion designs of the catwalk for bridesmaids. They are ready to design and accommodate everyone.
Our studio also features skin and body treatments. Our specialists in beauty for the body and soul have expert skills in improving and maintaining healthy skin for your face and body. Our boutique beauty studio specialises in anti-aging treatments and results, brightening and rejuvenating, detox and slimming, massage therapy, tanning, specialist waxing, nail care and art, gents beauty as well as a full service retail and homecare department.


Colour Cosmetica wedding photographers have the detailed eye and attention to illustrate and capture every moment of your day. It’s the details that make the wedding – the details that you might never know you missed rushing passionately through the day. Wedding photojournalism captures those details and more. We see the unexpected moments of pure bliss, the magnificence of your venue, your guests’ and their warm wishes, happy tears, the spontaneous interactions between your close friends and family., even the surprise on your face when the best man bursts into a dance.

Our role as wedding photographers is to capture the details in which you have invested so much time and energy.