Here at Colour Cosmetica  Academy, we are focused on providing professional industry-based education and training in HAIRDRESSING, BEAUTY, MAKE-UP, FASHION, DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY, EVENT MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS.

We are a national and international award-winning vibrant and creative academy.

We are driven by our organisational goal to equip our students with the expert skills and knowledge they need in order to be more than capable of tackling the exciting world of Hair and Beauty head on.

Our highly skilled and experienced teaching and training team made up of industry professionals deliver courses during both day and night domestically at our city-based academy or in your salon, Nationally and Internationally.

Our educational methods make use of experiential, practical learning alongside the teaching of theoretical concepts, as we recognize this accommodates creatives learning in a very effective way.

We offer many qualifications, workshops and career accelerators in a range of areas – ranking from entry level to Upper Advanced.

In delivering these, we ensure that our learners follow a guided pathway towards achieving their own career path goals, so they graduate with confidence and are highly skilled in areas relevant to their interests.

Colour Cosmetica Academy is committed to excellence in the art of precision education.

Through a Colour Cosmetica Industry Education, your future team’s success is built by our exciting, proven formula for industry success.

If it is to grow your business or grow your individual skills, Colour Cosmetica Academy has the recipe for you.

We specialise in motivated, creative, professional outcomes through providing innovative clear and percise workshops in the areas of hairdressing, make up, fashion, beauty, total look styling, photography, business, leadership, marketing, event management and apprenticeship systems.

If your business or skills are focused around these fields, then we think it is time for us to guide you on the way to reaching higher levels of success.

Colour Cosmetica Industry only works with industry based professionals, whether it’s the youngest member of your team through to the business owner!

Colour Cosmetica Industry Education is AVAILABLE throughout all of AUSTRALIA and all INTERNATIONAL MAJOR CITIES.

Colour Cosmetica Industry will deliver education and success to your door step or at our national award winning Colour Cosmetica Academy.

Colour Cosmetica can work with large teams or individuals.

For international education, interpreters are available upon request.

As you are already working professionally and successfully within our industry, we recognise that you and your team are already equipped with a vast range of technical skills relating to hair, make-up, beauty therapy and more. In response to this, we are offering a new range of courses specifically tailored towards those who already have strong foundational knowledge. LA MODA career accelerators.

By attending our specialty courses designed for industry professionals, creatives may revitalize and reaffirm their knowledge in techniques, and furthermore, they will learn new creative techniques that will expand their current repertoire.

Our industry grows so fast, and as we ourselves work in the industry, we recognise the immense importance of keeping up with the latest trends in Hairdressing, Make-up Design, Beauty Therapy Techniques, Photography, Styling and Event Management.
Don’t let your clients or your team down by ignoring the significance of this change.

Clients are increasingly in demand for styles that reflect current runway fashions, even more so because of the rising importance of social media within our industry.

Colour Cosmetica Academy has been teaching the industry elite for over 20years, if it is the apprentice, seniors, stylists, creative directors, managers or salon owner we have the secrets for you.

Don’t let yourself and your creative team get stuck in the past – ENROL NOW!

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