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Melbourne Workshop - Key to Makeup and Hairstyling - 04 June to 06 June 2023

Since making its mark in Adelaide in late 2000, Colour Cosmetica Studio & Academy has been on a continual path of growth & success, not only delivering quality education, but having the vision to draw on a palette of like-minded people with global unique cutting – edge skills, knowledge & dreams.

Discover how to make no mistakes, with surplus amounts of blessed skills & techniques.

Throughout our unique program journey, you will learn all there is to glowing complexions, sculpted features, immaculately primed & styled hair that radiates the classic beauty.

Master the essential in makeup & hairstyling techniques.

This course is divided into two parts.

First, you will learn about product knowledge & kit building, the artists skin guide, foundations – colour theory, selections of the best makeup products, achieving glowy & fresh skin, natural contouring & highlighting, alluring eyes & luscious lips. How to prepare for the makeup service with professional consultations. application of Individual & full bar lashes. We will start from a variety of classic makeup look, & slowly transform into a full face Red Carpet makeup.

The second part of the course shows you the techniques of hairstyling with its focus on blow drying, using a variety of tools & thermal styling techniques: discovering a complete collection of different types, style trends, from creating curls, waves & volume, to the straight & smooth.

You will discover how to straighten hair using brush techniques & thermal tools alongside curling & texturizing hair, setting hair & using roller Most importantly we will touch base on healthy hair care with a low impact on the environment. you will also learn the elements of hair design, volumising, straightening, smoothing & texturizing products. Towards the end we will show you the secrets to scheduling & providing professional & successful client consultation & how to create a master hair service plan.

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