With many years experience working and doing editorial work with countless professionals; Colour Cosmetica Studio has a distinctive photographic style compared to the rest of the pack.

One that represents true Creativity, Art, Style and Dream Catchers. Our work in Photographic design and style is very much the Rock and Roll of fashion. Colour Cosmetica Studio has a wealth of inspirational work completed in industry and publish by the elite professionals whose styles have shaped industry itself.

Colour Cosmetica Studio works with consideration, needs and demands of magazines and advertising companies that ensure Colour Cosmetica is a desirable style commodity for industry.

Colour Cosmetica Studio works on photographic quality working with precision and techniques, that photo journal the important edge of fashion as an art form , allowing it to be appreciated visually.

Colour Cosmetica Studio Fashion Photography services include Industry Editorial, Industry Portfolios, Campaigns, Catalogues, Print, Commercial, Product, Student Portfolios, Collections, Look books, Weddings, Events and Portraits.


Weronika Mamot

Weronika Mamot was born and raised in Poland and her European roots are evident in her work. The pure, pared backed imagery is centered in femininity, graphic lines, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance.

As a woman in a male dominated industry, she has maintained her distinctive vision and thrived. Her photographs have been published around the globe in magazines such as, Laud, The Spoiler’s Hand, Online Vogue Italia, Design Scene, Fashion Gone Rouge, Lucy’s Magazine ,FAULT , HUF , Confashion, Basic Magazine, Dreamingless , South Australian Style, JUTE, The Advertiser, Hacid, Basic, Falcon and more.

In her own words: “I’m trying to depict a thought. I portray women the way that I myself would like to be perceived. I want to be seen in every aspect of my being. The beautiful as well as the thorny, and the rough. Women are a little like flowers.”

Commercial Clients:: Channel 7, Universal Music, Adelaide Fashion Festival, Island Def Jam, Random House Publishing, C & A, LC Waikiki, Clockhouse , Funk’n Soul, Jacob HABER, Simmone Standing, Holiday Trading, Brave + True, Daisy Says,  Lexi Clothing/ Alexis George, Eden Collection, Emiliana, Couture+Love+Madness / Cristina Tridente, Made For A Goddess, Uncle Jack, W/W, Vohco, Karina Ward, UpBra, Azmin, Sindecisive, BLOW! It’s a Hair Thing, Colour Cosmetica, Tanzee, Silver Queen Jewellery and others.


Johnny Georgiou

Johnny’s impressive portfolio spans the specialist areas of  fashion, physique and hair art photography. He developed his eye for the art of photography in front of the camera for many years before eventually getting behind it to shoot.

His work has been featured on the covers of  magazines such as American PROVOCATOR and Paris based men’s fashion magazine VIGOR PARIS!

Along with cover work Johnny has also photographed feature fashion and physique editorials with  Australian labels MARCUSE, AUSSIEBUM, BCNU and BLACKCHROME Sportswear for magazines such as SOLSTICE Singapore, HUF Magazine Netherlands , VIGOR PARIS, PROVOCATOR America and THE MODEL MAGAZINE Netherlands.

As Editor in Chief of his own magazine GAVINhomme, Johnny has a constant eye on the world of fashion and is abreast of both current and future trends as they develop.

Johnny’s work can be described simply as “sophisticated” and “sexy”.

With 28 years of styling experience and 6 years of award winning photography, his innate ability to take a concept from initial brief through to coordinated planning and timely execution has made him a firm favourite with his clients.



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