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Advice to the prospective learner about Industry

We encourage you to apply early to secure your place. Preparing to Apply for  COLOUR COSMETICA ACADEMY ENROLMENT PROCESS INTO COLOUR COSMETICA ACADEMY The following procedures outline the processes of enrolment at Colour Cosmetica Academy.

  • The learner must visit the Colour Cosmetica Academy website,, and find the relevant study option. Read all relevant Qualification | Accredited Course or Workshop information.
  • The learner can then book a time to meet with a Colour Cosmetica Academy Career Counsellor for a face to face meeting or virtual meeting via computer or at the Academy [email protected]
  • Before applying for any Qualification, the learner must fully understand the outcomes and requirements of the Qualification they are aspiring to study, and have a full desire and commitment to the industry.
  • The learner is to complete this required application form and submit the finalised form via email to [email protected] or submit the application form face to face at a formal meeting with a Colour Cosmetica Academy Career Counsellor in the administration centre.
  • Each learner must generate and provide Colour Cosmetica Administration with a Unique Student Identifier [USI] when enrolling into an accredited qualification; A unique student identifier [USI] is effectively a reference number made up of numbers and letters that give learners access to their USI account. A USI will allow an individual’s USI account to be linked to the national vocational education and training [vet] data collection allowing an individual to see all of their training records, results, certificates and statements of attainment. The USI will allow learners to have easier and more reliable online access which can be used when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.


  • Year 10 education or equivalent for level I, II and III Qualifications
  • Meet all entry requirements for level IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Qualifications
  • Be over the age of 16 years [unless applying for VET in schools tuition]
  • Meet the language, literacy and numeracy requirements for the Qualification level entering into
  • Basic computer literacy for levels I, II and III Qualification selected
  • Intermediate computer literacy for levels IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Qualification selected
  • The ability to use word processing, and presentation software and the necessary skills for formatting and uploading of images and documents as well as confidence and effective use of the internet and social media.
  • A genuine desire to work in the relevant area of study
  • Be willing to work cohesively in a team environment, have good communication skills and have a creative flair
  • Have good personal hygiene and presentation to work in a personal service, fashion and design industry
  • Be prepared to complete on-the-job training and work experience hours when required.

Colour Cosmetica Academy conducts a formal face-to-face or online interview with each individual applicant to ensure that the prospective learner has the skills required and the personal qualities outlined above and below, which are considered essential for success in the selected Qualification.

For levels I, II and III Qualifications learners will work with our Colour Cosmetica Academy Career Counsellors to complete the Stage I interview process.

For learners completing levels IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Qualifications where further entry requirements are required, a Stage 2 interview process will be required for preparation and presentation.


  • Patience and pride in their work
  • A strong interest and awareness of current fashion|style and design
  • Ability to think clearly and laterally
  • Ability to approach problems in a broad and creative manner in order to achieve the best results
  • Ability to apply both formal and informal concepts to practical situations
  • A mature attitude to the industry and study
  • An appreciation of the practical application of the Qualification’s work requirements
  • A positive attitude to study, combined with the willingness to learn and do all that is necessary to succeed in the Qualification
  • Determination and enthusiasm to achieve a career path in the fashion industry


  • Applications to be submitted to the Office of Administration Centre or [email protected] at Colour Cosmetica Academy campus
  • Applicants should ensure that all relevant supporting documentation relating to the entry requirements of their course are enclosed prior to submission
  • On receipt of your application, a Colour Cosmetica Academy team member will contact you to schedule an interview, that will suit your requirements, either face to face or online. During this interview, you will also be discussing any entry requirements that you may need to submit.


If you are intending to apply for Academic Credit/RPLplease complete and submit the Application for Academic Credit (RPL) form with all required supporting documentation.

The Application for Academic Credit (RPL) form should be submitted at the same time as your Application for Enrolment.

WHAT IS ACADEMIC CREDIT? Colour Cosmetica Academy accepts applications for Academic Credit [RPL], this involves claiming recognition for prior knowledge and skills not trained as part of a formal Qualification or Statement of Attainment but from life or work experience and any other training that a learner may have undertaken. [RPL, Recognition of Current Competence].

RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING [RPL] Recognition of Prior Learning [RPL] means recognition of competencies currently held, regardless of how, when or where a learner’s learning occurred. Under the Australian Quality Training Framework, competencies may be attained in a number of ways.

This includes any combination of formal or informal training and education, work experience or general life experience. In order to grant RPL, the Colour Cosmetica Academy assessor must be confident that the learner is currently competent against the endorsed industry or enterprise competency standards or outcomes specified in the Australian Qualifications Framework accredited courses.

The evidence may take a variety of forms and could include certification, references from past employers, testimonials from clients and work samples. The Colour Cosmetica Academy assessor must ensure that the evidence provided is authentic, valid, reliable, current and sufficient.

RECOGNITION OF CURRENT COMPETENCY Recognition of Current Competency and Skills Recognition are now used interchangeably with each other and essentially means the same thing.

RPL and RCC are available to the learner, the process will involve the learner completing an assessment on the units of competence against the outcomes.

RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING PROCESS Credit transfers and RPL|RCC are available on entry at Colour Cosmetica Academy.

All learners are given the opportunity to have their current knowledge, current competencies, skills, attitudes and experience measured against the unit|tuition learning outcomes.

Learners with relevant past experiences, education qualifications and acquired expertise may be exempt from undertaking appropriate units of competence.

Learners will pay a fee of $150.00 per unit of competence for general units of competency being assessed for, and more specialised units being assessed have higher RPL|RCC fees attached.

RPL|RCC specialised unit fees have been determined with the depth and breadth of the unit outcome with current up-to-date Industry requirements.

Fees for RPL| RCC must be paid prior to the test that is being given. Proof of these Qualifications or Units of Competency must be provided on entry.

If there is any reasonable doubt as to the qualifications or experience, or proof of qualifications cannot be provided, a small eligibility test on the relevant unit of competence can be undertaken. A minimum of 80% must be achieved in the test before an exemption can be granted.

CREDIT TRANSFER If a learner has completed study at another institution, the learner can apply for Credit Transfer towards their Colour Cosmetica Academy tuition.

Colour Cosmetica Academy has many Credit Transfer options in place that can shorten the time it takes to complete Colour Cosmetica Academy Qualifications |Accredited course tuition or lighten the duration of study and tuition fees.

  • Credit Transfer refers to the process in which Colour Cosmetica Academy recognises all relevant AQF Qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by all other RTOs. It is the policy of Colour Cosmetica Academy that:
  • Proof of these qualifications must be provided upon enrolment.
  • When presenting Certificates all originals must be viewed by Colour Cosmetica Academy.
  • Colour Cosmetica Academy will grant Credit Transfer based upon recognition of Qualifications or Statements of Attainment issued by other RTOs and no fee will be issued.
  • Colour Cosmetica Academy must receive original certificates for certification.
  • Note all original certificates will be photocopied and placed in learner file and all original certificates will be handed back to learners.



If you are interested in applying, please contact us on [email protected]



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