Now Hiring- Senior Hairdresser and Educational Career Counsellor Colour Cosmetica Salon and Academy is a Luxury Brand, established in 2000, with Colour Cosmetica assets being Fashion Forward Knowledge, Innovation and Luxury Service.Colour Cosmetica's Philosophy is to constantly share Knowledge, Tradition and Innovation through Education.Education = Success Colour Cosmetica Salon and Academy is seeking an Artistic,Stylish and Fashion Forward Senior Directional Hairdresser who has High Competent, Efficient and Gifted Skills in Industry.Do you Love what You Do?Do You have the Right Amount of Fire and Passion Towards our Industry?Do You Believe You have the right amount of knowledge, innovation and experience to enlighten, improve and create career visions and study pathways for our young industry beginners and existing industry members, in personalised outcome driven career pathways?Specialising in Colour Cosmetica Academy's Portfolio of Accredited Qualifications, Vet in Schools, Workshops and Professional Industry Development Mentoring Programs in Hairdressing, Makeup, Beauty, Fashion Styling and Design, Fashion Photography, Fashion Events, Fashion Prop and Event Styling, Fashion Hair and Makeup Styling, Fashion Styling Creative Writing, Fashion Blogging and Interior Styling recruiting new and existing industry members.The individual must be able to handle all social situations and conversations with confidence. The individual must have loyalty and values, always embracing the happiness of others, must just be genuine and considerate to others, with a dynamic and authentic approach to all clients, industry, team members and all other areas of Colour Cosmetica Salon and Academy environment.*The Lowdown** Working in the Hairdressing Department Salon, 3 days a week Thursday, Friday and  Saturday on clients.* Working in Career Counselling and Professional Development 2 Days a Week, Tuesday and Wednesday. " Must be able to travel."For more information or [email protected] #hairdresser #adelaidehairdresser #melbournehairdresser #sydneyhairstylist #haireducation #bagstyle #hairbrained #hairsalon #HAIRCUTTING

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