Domestic Students


Colour Cosmetica Academy centres it’s self on Award Winning and Accredited Education. Occupying one centrally located campus in the heart of the Fashion and Arts hub in Adelaide. Delivering a collection of Fashion, Events, Styling, Hair, Cosmetics, Beauty, Photography, Portfolio, Design, Art, Marketing and Advertising based qualifications, accredited certificates and short courses to a wide range of students all whom are committed to a career in the Fashion and Arts Industry. 2015 Honours Colour Cosmetica Design Academy with fifteen years in Fashion, Design and Arts education.

Qualifications are offered with study and delivery options to suit all.

Colour Cosmetica Academy is the progressive and fashion forward education academy for future industry leaders in Fashion, Design, Events, Styling ,Hair , Cosmetics, Beauty, Photography, Portfolios, Marketing & Advertising Courses.

  • Vocational Education Qualifications in Hair, Beauty, Cosmetics, Design and Marketing.
  • VET in Schools Certificate II in Hair, Make up, Beauty and Session Styling.
  • Design Beginners Workshops in Hair; Make up, Styling, Fashion Drawing, Fashion Photography, Portfolio Development, Personal and Professional Styling, Industry Design Research and Presentation Portfolios
  • Kickstart Workshops for secondary schools in Hairstyling, Make up, Beauty, Drawing Techniques and Styling
  • Industry Workshops for Industry members only in Cutting, Colour , Make up, Beauty, Fashion, Events, Styling , Merchandising , Fashion Retail, Business, Sales and Marketing

Students are supported and guided by an experienced and dedicated Artistic Team of Educators. Passions become reality through comprehensive qualifications that educate students to experience the skills that are essential for a successful and innovative career.