At Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics you will uncover the essential alter of the most respected, most advanced, best of the best global beauty products, reflecting on it as your global cosmetic courier. Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics is a visionary beauty-retail concept studio, just launching our own brand Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics.

Founded by, Rebecca Faraone and Angela Pastore Directors of Colour Cosmetica. Perfectionists and Deviates in Colour. Both – extraordinarily perceptive with its functions, applications and its design. Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics has very rapidly become Colour Cosmetica’s Advanced Academy’s and Industries, cutting-edge cult classic. It hits the professionals with ageless palettes and intense powerful concentrates; it’s exquisite in texture and design alike with its artistry that is fearless in colour and witty in the hands of its applications. Colour Cosmetica Cosmetics focuses on Unique Colour Portfolios and Exclusive Colour Products for The Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, Eyebrows, Face, and Body with Contouring, Foundations, Bronzing and all Highlighting products.

Our mission is to support you to look and feel amazing. To do that, we chase the world and bring it together under the one roof, the most extensive and distinctive selection of revolutionary brand names in colour, cosmetics, skincare, hair care, fragrance, and body care. Pairing this with the knowledge and expertise of our resident Makeup Artists and Skincare Specialists, makes for first class advice across all categories.

Our studio offers an energy that creates a retail environment that focuses on flawless products and applications-trial, professional advice, and incomparable customer service.

At Colour Cosmetica Studio we offer strength in Skincare Consultations, Make up Lessons and Applications, group Master classes (including corporate) as well as a personalised Scent Styling Service to match you with your perfect scent. We regularly host Makeup Artistry Events as well as in-store consultations with some of the most prominent skincare pioneers.

To build the most knowledgeable and professional team of product consultants in the beauty industry, Colour Cosmetica developed “an Artistic Team of Colour Cosmetica.” This program endorses that our team are experts in identifying colour, design, art, style, fashion, events, hair, cosmetics, beauty, skin types, having knowledge in skin physiology, the history of makeup, application techniques, the science of creating fragrances, and most importantly, how to interact with Colour Cosmetica’s diverse clientele.


Hair & Make-up Packages

Hair + make-up package for all events

Make-up specialised services

Day and Night Design with Application

Performing Arts Design with Application

Television Design with Application

Drag Design with Application

Editorial Design with Application

Body Art with Design and Application

Eyelash Design and Application


Colour Cosmetica Studio specialise in all professional Cosmetic and Beauty equipment:
Professional Colour Cosmetica Make-up Brush Kits
Professional Make-up Kits / Bags / Cases
Professional Special Effects, Drag Editorial and Television Cosmetics and Equipment available

Colour Cosmetica Studio Specialise in all personal Workshops to aid you in looking and feeling wonderful.

*All prices listed are ex GST.